Sample Packs

Squelch Includes:

  • 31 Bass Loops
  • 44 Bass One Shots
  • 40 FX
  • 44 Leads
  • 51 Rhythmic Loops
  • 37 Synthesized Kicks
  • 30 Synth One Shots

Tines includes:

  • A full range of chromatic notes
  • 254 unique loops and textures processed by the Soundhack Morphagene, a sample mangler in modular eurorack synth format
  • 276 atmospheric, ethereal pads
  • 1,283 kalimba loops in several keys, modes, and tempos


Tines began with a series of beautiful samples of an acoustic Kalimba, then it took a dark turn when we started processing those samples with a modular synthesizer.


Killer filter sweeps and various bleeps and bloops captured on a modular synthesizer! Get the sounds of modular gear for 1/10,000th of the price.
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