“The last kalimba sample pack you’ll ever need.” – Socrates

Tines is the perfect hybrid of traditional instrumentals and modern processing techniques. From simple single plucks to a massive glitched-out, washed-out Kalimba on steroids, this sound pack is truly endless.

Beautiful, harsh, tuneful, dissonant, and everything in between, you’ll find it here in this nearly 15gb collection of exquisitely designed samples, processed using modular synths and other uncommon studio equipment.

These cinematic, pads, chops, loops, textures, and ambiences will give your next project a mysterious earthy feel, and will add unique new dimensions to your next project.

Tines includes:

  • A full range of chromatic notes
  • 254 unique loops and textures processed by the Soundhack Morphagene, a sample mangler in modular eurorack synth format
  • 276 of atmospheric, ethereal pads
  • 1,283 kalimba loops in several keys, modes, and tempos


“High Definition” and “Compatibility” Versions

When you invest in Tines, you’ll gain access to two seperate download options. The “High Def” collection is rendered at 96k and 32bit and is perfect for DAW-centric producers. The “Compatibility” version is rendered at 44.1k and 16bit, and is intended for use with drum machines and samplers that cannot accept higher quality files. Both versions contain identical samples, aside from the difference in sample rate and bit rate.