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Bleeps and Loops was founded in 2018 by Michael Vawter, the “Robot Guy” who developed Robot Academy’s curriculum after winning the FIRST LEGO League world championship two years in a row and coaching several other teams to victory.

Our original mission was to showcase Seattle’s experimental electronic music scene, creating opportunities for young musicians in the local community. Our “Electronic Musicians’ Camps” at the University of Washington (based on the Robot Academy model) were such a huge success that we expanded nationally. We offer summer camps, after-school classes, and most notably a turn-key, project-based curriculum for implementation by music and/or STEM teachers nationwide!


Utilize existing school iPads and/or Macs

No need to buy expensive new computers. Our curriculum is centered around GarageBand, which is included free with iPads and Apple computers.

Optional: add hardware synthesizers

Double down on the hands-on nature of this program by purchasing our pre-made synthesizer stations, which give kids all the tools they need to explore and learn at a fast pace.

Create and perform real electronic music

Students will create and perform ‘tracks’ (aka songs) in whatever genre/style they wish!

No experience necessary

Empower students to explore their musical interests and talents while gaining practical knowledge about the technological side of music production.

Music + STEM = Interdisciplinary Learning

This program is unique because it teaches musical creativity and exploration within a technological context. Engage artistically-inclined students while simultaneously qualifying for STEM grants!

FETC Show Special

Valid through Jan 31, 2024
$ 875
  • Video Demonstrations and Printable Lesson Plans for a Full Semester STEM Program
  • Resources for a variety of grades (K-12)
  • Available April 2024

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