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Scholarship Competition
for Electronic Musicians' Camp

1st Prize (1 winner): 100% Scholarship 

2nd Prize (1 winner): 50% Scholarship

3rd Prize (4 winners): 25% Scholarship

Step 1:

Upload a track you’ve made within the past year. All genres/lengths/styles welcome!

Step 2:

No video production skills necessary here! Upload a short video explaining how you made the track, being sure to mention specific production techniques.

Step 3:

Write a short essay explaining (1) your musical interests/background, (2) why you’d like to attend Electronic Musicians’ Camp, and (3) what you hope to learn.

Submission Form

Submissions are due April 19, 2023. Winners will be announced on April 22. If you have trouble with the file upload, try a different browser or send us an email with the files attached.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee that our camps won’t have reached capacity by the time these scholarships are awarded. We will reserve seats for our scholarship winners, but other students may be turned away at that time. If an applicant were to enroll now and pay tuition (so as to reserve a seat) and then later win a scholarship, we would refund their tuition fee by 100%, 50% or 25%.