Ohn Dāka

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John Kammerer (a.k.a. Ohn Dāka) is a Seattle-based music producer, sound designer, and audio engineer specializing in sound design, unique performance techniques, and Ableton workflow hacks.

He earned his Masters in Music from the University of South Carolina, where his focus was to develop techniques for incorporating electronics, machine learning, and various methods of human-computer interaction within the context of live performance.

John has served as a sound designer and audio engineer/technician for world-renowned marching bands and indoor ensembles across the country, including the Santa Clara Vanguard (SCV). He toured nationally with SCV in 2015/2016, and since then has been in high demand as an electronic audio consultant and composer to top marching bands nationwide.

John primarily produces in the style of Bass and IDM, and places a strong importance on experimental performance techniques involving modular and analog synths.